A Simple Glance Into Nursing Home Jobs

At some point, it will happen to all of us. We will grow old and rely on the kindness of family and, in some cases, strangers to help us get by in our daily activities or to cheer us up or keep us company. Some people will spend their final years in the comfort of their own home or living with family, but a great deal of us will live out our golden years in a nursing home. Crucial to the happiness of the elderly and to maintaining a healthy community, those who hold nursing home jobs are often the unsung heroes of our society. It takes strong character and sensitivity to the conditions of the elderly to be successful in nursing home jobs, and it also requires more energy and skills than most people realize.

The Skills Behind Nursing Home Jobs

There are a few essential ingredients that go into making someone a perfect candidate for nursing home jobs and providing care for the elderly. First, one must have a great deal of patience as the elderly do not move as quickly as others and can sometimes suffer from slower cognition skills. Someone truly skilled in this type of patience will have the ability to understand the nature of the elderly and will be a compassionate person to them.

Nursing home jobs also require an individual be caring and sympathetic. Imagine you were elderly and trying to convey your pain or discomfort to someone charged with caring for you and you felt they didn’t care for you or your concerns. This would be hurtful and damaging. Therefore, it is necessary to enter into this job with strength of character and the ability to show real compassion to these individuals.

Finally, working in any of the various nursing home jobs available requires that job holders have a high degree of professionalism. It is often that you may be expected to assist someone in taking their medication or making sure a resident adheres to certain food restrictions. These tasks may seem small but they carry a great deal of importance and responsibility.

What Kind of Jobs Are Available?

If you think you have what it takes to fill any of the nursing home jobs listed below, and you are prepared for a challenging and rewarding career, then you will be a successful candidate for a nursing home job. There are many different types of careers, and each career can cater to certain characteristics that you may already have and would enjoy using in your daily tasks. Here are a few:

  • Activities Director: The Activities Director is responsible for ensuring that the nursing home is providing activities and programs that will keep the residents happy, engaged, and socialized. Since studies show that depression is common in the elderly, it is incredibly important to keep their spirits up by using your own natural creativity to implement games, arrange guest speakers, and provide for other programs that will interest the residents. This job would be a perfect fit for someone who excels at organization and creativity.
  • Administration: Handling paperwork for the residents and overseeing the overall efficiency of a nursing home is one of the most important nursing home jobs. Responsibilities can vary, but may include arranging for new tenants, keeping track of resident medical records, and maintaining the overall structure of employees and their jobs within the nursing home.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant: This job requires more certification and knowledge about the particular responsibilities associated with the position, but can be one of the more rewarding positions. A nursing assistant working in a nursing home is often the go-to person in situations where residents need medical assistance or have questions regarding their health or medications. This can be a very rewarding job as you build close relationships with the residents and are the person they tend to rely on most.

Degrees and Certification Requirements

The biggest concern one might have with pursing nursing home jobs is whether it will require additional schooling. Depending on the sort of work you hope to do in the nursing home will dictate the answer to that question. If you are going to try to be a nursing assistant or work in a health care capacity to the elderly residents, you will likely need to adhere to state and federal certification requirements. There are different types of health care positions, so the one you choose will have its own certification and regulations that will apply.

Other jobs, such as Activities Director or working as a nursing home receptionist, do not require a degree in order to apply for an entry level position. However, like most jobs, having some educational background in this field of work will prove to be advantageous. Nursing home jobs do require some expertise from time to time when dealing with health care issues, so a background in health care can go a long way in securing a job.

Employers also prefer to find applicants who can bring some experience to the table. One of the best ways to get experience is through an internship, if you are in college, or through volunteer work. If you are already in a full time job but would like to switch careers, then consider volunteering at a nursing home on the weekends. This will give you the opportunity, as will an internship, to get to know the staff and to learn the different jobs. This connection will be a great building block for future employment.